Judy Luedke ~ Executive Director

Kathy Diederich ~ Executive Assistant

Katie Allen ~ Part time Office Assistant

Barbara Stoecklein ~ Part time Resident Coordinator

Rick Jones ~ Maintenance Supervisor

David Koch ~ Maintenance

Nick Throckmorton ~ Part time Maintenance

Mike Brown ~ Maintenance

Judy Luedke became the Executive Director in Spring 2013. She had been the Executive Assistant since Fall 1997.

Rick Jones became the head of maintenance in Spring 2013 and has been employed since Spring 2003.

Barb Stoecklein has been employeed since June 2010.

Kathy Diederich has been employed since Spring 2013.

David Koch has been employed since Winter 2016.

Nick Throckmorton has been employed since October 2016.

Katie Allen has been employed since Summer 2017.

Mike Brown has been employed since Spring 2018.